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How can I help you?

I've been working in the film and television industry in Canada for the past twenty-seven years.Storytelling on screens of all sizes is my passion. Let me help you tell your story.


It's been my absolute pleasure to work with incredible teams on feature films, television series, commercials, and branded entertainment.


I love crafting words into meaning full text that move, motivate, and instruct.


I can provide script notes, budgeting and scheduling, production planning, and post-production workflow support for your production.

Public Speaker

Sharing my experiences and expertise in person as a keynote speaker or panellist is one of the ways that I give back to people.

I love what I do

...and who wouldn't? Together, we get to tell amazing stories that impact the world.

My Story

It’s been an exciting twenty-seven-year journey in the Canadian film, television and media industries. And while I am now a seasoned executive and content producer, it wasn’t always the case.

I began my career at the CBC, where I worked for five years in the world-renowned Nation Training & Development Department. This job began while I was attending York University‘s Film & Television Program, and it became a natural extension of my own professional development.  As Resource Co-ordinator for the department, I had the distinct honour of working directly with the CBC’s talented roster of trainers as we developed and facilitated our professional development programs around the globe.  To this day, I remain grateful for all the wonderful people and experiences that helped enrich my initial years in the industry.

In the late 90s, longing to get back to creating content, I launched my own production companies.  First, it was H.L. Hawk Productions, an award-winning convergent media company, and later Dante Media Group, a successful commercial production company.

During this time, my teams produced music videos, television commercials and branded content for all media platforms; Gemini-nominated interactive online media for the Sullivan Entertainment properties Anne of Green Gables and Wind At My Back; the Global Television series Unzipped, a magazine-style sex and romance television show; and the six-part documentary, Naked Circus, which tells the story of an exotic dance competition in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

I spent that last three years as the Head of Production for Don Carmody Television, where I was intimately involved in producing the Netflix and CBC series Northern Rescue (Billy Baldwin, Kathleen Robertson, Michelle Nolden), as well as the feature films Tulipani, Love, Honour and a Bicycle (written and directed by two-time Oscar-winning writer-director Mike van Diem, starring Ksenia Solo, Gijs Naber, Lidia Vitale, Giancarlo Giannini), Survival Box (starring Jake Kenny-Byrne, Michala Brasseur, María José Zuniga), Lucky Day (written and directed by Oscar-winner Roger Avary, starring Luke Bracey, Nina Dobrev, Crispin Glover), and Death of a Ladies’ Man (starring Gabriel Byrne, Jessica Paré, Brian Gleeson).

Now I work independently under my production company, Crafthaus Ltd., as a producer, screenwriter, podcaster, consultant, and public speaker.

My key focus is building teams of multi-talented individuals focused on quality storytelling, building the environment in which this team can create, and ensuring that these teams can succeed at plying their creative trades.

Jeff Boulton

David CormicanHe’s the kind of person you want with you when you’re in the trenches and he certainly isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty.

David Cormican
President and Co-Founder, Don Carmody Television Inc.

Simon WattsHis energy and enthusiasm, combined with his results-oriented work ethic, set him apart as a leader and a manager who inspires those around him to excel and deliver their best.

Simon Watts
Executive Producer, Alibi Pivotal Kids

Here's How I Can Help

Check out the various services I provide below.

Script Breakdown and Scheduling

Let me break down your script and create a preliminary schedule that will help you plan and budget your feature film, television series, or digital media property.

I’m a little old-school, and I still like to annotate my scripts using the handful of pencil crayons I carry with me.

All scheduling is done in the industry-standard Movie Magic Budgeting software. Breakdown sheets, one-liners, and Day-Out-of-Days (DOoDs) can be provided for any stage of your development and production process.


I am able to provide you with a preliminary budget of your feature film, television series, or digital media property using the industry-standard Movie Magic Budgeting software.

My budgets are thorough and well laid-out, and I provide clear explanations of all assumptions and allowances.

Additionally, I can expand and revise your preliminary budget as your production moves towards principal photography.

Service Production

Are you looking to bring your production to Canada? Let me help you consider all the factors that will come into play if you shoot your feature film, television series, or digital media property in Canada. I can outline both the benefits and the challenges of shooting in Canada, including location searches, studio capacities, union regulations, immigration and work permit requirements, and labour tax credit opportunities.

My production company, Crafthaus Ltd., can also provide complete production services for your project.

Public Speaking

Do you need an experienced film, television and digital media producer to speak at your event?  I have been a keynote speaker, panellist and guest on radio and television.  Connect with me to discuss your event and how I can provide value to your attendees.


Do you need help guiding your production through development, pre-production, production, post-production and/or delivery?  Let me share with you my experience and expertise in any or all of these areas.  I am available on to consult in person, or over video calls on Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Skype or Zoom.

Don't Take It From Me

Hear what my associates have to say about working with me.

Simon WattsSimply put – Jeff is a production planning mastermind. He’s a talented and dedicated producer with a bedrock of first-hand production experience that he uses to inform his work. He’s able to issue seemingly endless permutations of a series budgets and schedules at breakneck speeds without sacrificing quality of work or reliability of the results. He’s devoted to every show he works on and often goes far beyond the call of duty to find the best solution when, inevitably, production fires start cropping up that need putting out.

When Jeff is working up a production plan, you can rest assured there won’t be any guesswork involved. That’s because he’s a tireless perfectionist who has a deep bench of well-placed and relevant contacts in every budget category you can imagine. He’s in touch regularly with any questions or concerns he has as he works through the production planning process and he provides the most detailed budget notes I’ve ever seen in my more than 20 years in the business.

Simon Watts
Executive Producer, Alibi Pivotal Kids

Sky LarcJeff totally enabled me to realize my vision (with very limited resources I must add) allowing me to make one of my strongest pieces to date. Thank You. Not easy to find a Producer like Jeff. He’s a beast and his Post-Production process has been one of my best experiences to date. Love to work with him again someday.

Sky Larc
Director, Skylarc Pictures

Judy GladstoneJeff is a creative and detail-oriented producer, who, while retaining control of every cost, also proves himself to be a team player and leader.

Judy Gladstone
Executive Director, The Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC)

Warren CluteI have always been impressed not only with his professionalism and kind manner, but with his passion and experience that he brings to his producing projects.

Jeff not only has a great technical understanding of the film/tv business, but he has a great creative edge that not many producers can claim.

Warren Clute
Owner + Operator, cprompt

Patrick GagliardiJeff worked to transform an unstructured passion project into a streamlined business, utilizing past assets, creating efficient workflows and prepping our business for the next level of monetization and distribution. This process took technical, business and creative expertise, all of which Jeff posses in abundance. Jeff has been a delight to work with and our team is excited for what’s next thanks to his persistent and positive work ethic.

Patrick Gagliardi
Host + Producer, CorkScrewedTV

David CormicanJeff is the single-most thorough person I have had the opportunity to work with. With his thoroughness in each task he sets out to tackle, no detail escapes him or his execution. I have always found him to be meticulous, well thought out, fair and understanding in every transaction. Working with Jeff allows you access to a wide network of experienced and reliable contacts and resources to ensure your production can happen at any budget range!

David Cormican
President and Co-Founder, Don Carmody Television Inc.

Jane BeaubienVery organized and detail-orientated, Jeff is extremely knowledgeable in a multitude of areas. He has strong personnel and financial management skills, time management skills, and decision-making skills. Jeff is a true professional and does not consider any task beneath him. He has the innate ability to deal with high-stress situations and demonstrates great patience. Above all, Jeff is passionate about the industry.

Jane Beaubien
Senior Director of Business Affairs & Finance, Don Carmody Television Inc.

Don CarmodyGood work.


Don Carmody
President, Don Carmody Productions Inc.
Chairman + Co-Founder, Don Carmody Television Inc.


Douglas RomanowI’ve worked with Jeff Boulton on numerous media productions, including music videos, TV series and documentaries. Jeff continues to be a well-spoken professional with good problem-solving skills and strong motivation. He is an excellent manager of resources [financial and human]. I always know I will be well cared for when Jeff is involved in a project.

Douglas Romanow
Music Producer, Douglas Romanow Music

Tim KnightJeff patiently and skillfully steered me through the vagaries and vicissitudes of production and post-production of three 1-hour wildlife documentaries for Discovery, Animal Planet, PBS and 15 international networks and was responsible for much of their success.

Tim Knight
Executive Producer, KnightHawk Communications Inc.

Ralph deGrootJeff Boulton is easily one of the most detail-oriented, organized and effective producers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. His experience and direction allowed our brand to pivot and embrace change. In a perpetually innovating industry, it is critical to find talent that is able to adapt and evolve while applying critical principles of process and organization into those changes. Jeff is a rare talent and I’m happy to recommend him to any organization looking to make things happen!

Ralph deGroot
Host + Producer, CorkScrewedTV

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